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Quebec is located in the eastern part of Canada, between Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. It shares its southern border with the United States and is crossed by the St. Lawrence River that connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. With an area of 1,542,056 km², Quebec is the second largest province in Canada behind Ontario, and the 2nd most populated with 8,575,000 inhabitants in 2020. Its capital is Quebec City, while Montreal is its largest metropolis. Its prime minister is François Legault and its lieutenant-governor, Jean-Michel Doyon. It is the only province to have French as its official language.

Quebec is divided into four climatic zones: Arctic, Sub-Arctic, Wet Continental and Eastern Maritime. From south to north, average temperatures vary, in summer, between 5°C and 25°C and, in winter, between -10°C and -25°C, but in some regions of Quebec, such as James Bay or Ungava Bay, winter temperatures can reach -50°C. In periods of intense heat and cold, temperatures can reach points of 35°C in summer and -40°C in winter in Quebec. The province is home of the iconic caribou, but also of the black bear, polar bear and coyote.

Numerous Aboriginal tribes populated the province such as the Inuit, Abenaquis, Micmacs and Mohawks... Although some Latin texts suggest that Irish monks made the dangerous crossing of the Atlantic before the 7th century, the first to discover Canada was John Cabot in 1497 when he explored the coasts of Labrador. Jacques Cartier was the first European explorer on the component lands of Quebec when he landed in the region of present-day Gaspé on July 24, 1534. The fur trade developed towards Europe. Multiple fights will be perpetrated between French and British, Quebec will be part of the Canadian confederation on July 1st, 1867.

The Quebec economy is mainly based on its tertiary activity which represents 70% of its GDP, the other sector with high potential is the production of aluminum since the province provides 10% of the world production.

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